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Giovanni SAVOIA

Comédien/Metteur en Scène - 4 Prix d'interprétation



- Taille : 1.71 m • Cheveux grisonnants • Yeux marrons
- Langues : Français/Italien (bilingue)
- Langage des signes pour malentendants notions
- Sport : Foot / Ski / Boxe. Stage de pilotage automobile Henry Pescarolo
  Initiation à la cascade Rémy Julienne.
- Combat et combat d’épée Fabrice Roux.
- Chant lyrique
- Danse (contemporaine, claquettes)
- Divers délires type saut à l’élastique.
- Permis B

MOVIES Titles in french are différent
- 2017 The Martyrdom of Caravaggio by Andrii Lantukh, Leading role Atlas Corvi
- 2017 Marshmello music video, 23fiftn production, teacher role
- 2017 Living with the dead, by Andrew Bachelor, Bach enterprises, Funny Zombie role
- 2017 Broken wings by Kári Liljendal Hólmgeirsson, The strange man role
- 2017 Welcome to Hollywood, by Robert Milar, leading role, Taxi driver
- 2016 Arrival promo For Arrival movie by Denis Villeneuve, French role.
- 2016 Train : Play That Song Music video, Fun guy dancer role
- 2016 Out of Play, By Madeline Rocco, leading role, Dad (soccer coach)
- 2016 Relapse, by Antonio De Graffenreaidt, leading role Member A
- 2016 The audition, by Everett Mason, leading role The writer.
- 2016 The Young Pope, HBO episode Miraculous Survivors. By Paolo Sorrentino.
  Giorgio role.
- 2015 Orphan / Director Arnaud Des Pallières / Carabinieri Italian role speaking
  english 2 scenes with the best french actress Adèle Heanel for Cesar award
  2015 and 2014
2015 You wanna win an Oscar, Frankc Gros-Dubois, The travestite role
- 2015 Yellow Iris/ TF1 Productions / Investigator role
- 2014 A promising start / Director Emma Luchini / Foreman role
- 2013 Skinterritory / Director Jean-Louis Daniel. Leading role Patrick in english
  Cannes Festival
- 2011 My Heroes / Director Eric Besnard. With Jugnot and Balasko. Bistro boss role.
- 2011 The Watcher / Director Michele Placido. Mathieu Kassovitz "The wop" role.
- 2010 Why are you crying ? / Director Katia Lewkowicz. Panorama Films.
   The Foreman Croatian role.
- 2010 The invention of Hugo Cabret/Director Martin Scorsese. Pinsula Films. Coal role
- 2009 Handsfree / Director Brigitte Sy. Mezzanine Productions
- 2009 The Mac / Director Pascal Bourdiaux
- 2009 Mic-Mac à Tire larigot / Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Douanier role
- 2006 Beur, Blanc, Rouge / Director Mahmoud Zemmouri. The steward role
- 2006 Night Window / Director Robert Bella. Atlantic production. United States.
  Selection at Sundance. Leading role Pietro (the producer) in english.
- 2006 Hell /  Director Bruno Chiche. WY Prod. The Russian role
- 2002 A life away / Director Emmanuel Malka. Canal +. The union leader role.
- 1997 Place Vendôme / Director Nicole Garcia. Waiter role.
- 1988 Valmont / Director Milos Forman. Guest role

- 2015 Versailles / Canal + / Role Tassman in english
- 2013 Edouard Drumont / France 2. A Politic Member
- 2011 Las Vegas Hotel / Director Gros Christophe Dubois. France Television.
  The Marconni Prefect.
- 2011 R.I.S / Director Jean-Marc Rudnicki. TFI. Castelli role (Psychopathe)
- 2011 Anonymous ripoux / Directors Claude and Julien Zidi and. TF1. A major
  anonymous ripoux role
- 2011 The Hunks / Lincoln TV - France 2.
- 2011 Doc Martin / Ego Production
- 2011 A French Village / Tetra Digital Fiction
- 2011 Diamonds of glory / Exelene Movies
- 2007 Give & Take / Director Phil Lepherd / Without Borders / Chop Limited. Remy role
- 2006 Bac of night /  Director Christophe Riaublanc. TF1. The rapist role
- 1997 Fire under the ice / Director Nicole Garcia. Production France 2. Journalist role
- 1996 The Chameleon / Director Cédric Klapisch. Prod Arte France-2. Waiter role.  

- 2006 Herbie /  Director Marie-Blanche Knill. Arkane Production. Leading role.
- 2005 Train-Train / Director Thomas Rondio. Grand prix du jury Imag’Essonne.
  Leanding role.
- 1994 Le Clan des Loups / Director. Philippe Ponceau / Festival of short film of
  Seine-Saint-Denis - leading role.
- 1993 Le Boxeur / With Annie Girardot / Production Prodis Vidéo / Arté / Leading role.

- 1995/96 Karl Zéro sur Canal +. Several roles

2016 Talk To Me, the series of monologues, by Jeremy Frazier Los Angeles, Leading
  role, The Doomsdayer
- 2016 The Angels Academy, by Chris Berrube, Los Angeles, Leading role Jean.
- 2011 Waiting For Godex by Corneliu Mitrache - Directed and roles Godex and
  Poponet- Theatre de L'Orme, theatre Belleville Paris and Avignon festival in 2012.
- 2011 La Louve in Montmartre-Galabru Theatre. October-December - Director.
- 2009/2010 The doctor in spite of himself by Molière / Director Yann Papin Co.
  Clariond. Roles: Valere, Geronte, Thibault. Meaux Theatre Gérard Philipe and IDF.
- 2008 Yes (Duet) Gabriel Arout / Director Yvan Delatour. Role Raphael. Meaux
  Theatre Gérard Philipe.
- 2007 Electra by Sophocles / Director Maria Stephanacce. Role Agamemnon.
  Teatro Carcano Milano.
- 2005 Arena and King by  Jim Javel. Director Hervé Herwin. Role The King.
  Théâtre de la Main d'Or. Paris.
- 2001/2004 The deceits of Scapin by Molière / Co Phoenix / Director Francis Cahen.
  Role : Argante. Tour in France / Avignon / Sarlat / Aurillac. Jury Prize and the
  development stage and double acting awards.
- 2002/2003 The Ultimate Dinner / Stacy Title. Director. G. Savoia. Co Insieme Carpe
  Diem. Main roles : Norman.
- 2001/2002 An untimely visit by Copi. diretors. Fiévet / Palies. Role Journalist Gay.
  Sarlat theater festival and Moustier Thorigny-sur-Marne and theater Créteil.
- 2000 Pieces of War by Edward Bond. Director Philip Castle. Roles The Monster,
  The Man, The second man. Mantes-la-Jolie.
- 2000 Venice Briarde Commedia Dell'Arte in pageant. Director Hélène Borel. With
  Daniel Ceccaldi. Leading rôle Pantalone. Nocturnes of Crécy (77).
- 2000 Do not play with fire by Strindberg. Director Moussa Diakité. Role Knut.
  Théâtre Firmin Gémier Antony and theater Ranelagh
- 2000 Odyssey Meldi By Francis Cahen / Arthea Co. Leading role Meldi.
  Meaux and Paris.
- 1999/2004 The deceits of Scapin by Molière / Getting Jean-Bruno Brunat. / Co Brunat.
   Role Scapin. Festivals Avignon and Tangier (Morocco). Acting awards in Tangier.
- 1998 Strike 98. One-man show written directed by Giovanni Savoia. Le Bec Fin,
  Treviso Theatre, the Theatre Mynah, The Boater, Le Carré Blanc, The Point Comma.
- 1997 We all go to confess' comedy written and directed by G. Savoia / Insieme Carpe
   Diem. Paris-Vincennes Theatre, Theatre de Poche Massy-Palaiseaux, Theatre
   Melo Méli Paris. Main role.
- 1997 Dom Juan by Molière / Director Francis Cahen / Arthea Co. Role Dom Juan.
   TGP Meaux.
- 1997/1996 The empire builders/Boris Vian. Getting sc. Jean Bruno Brunat/Arthea Co.
   Role: Schmürz. Best Play Award, Jury Prize, Audience Award and Prize for staging
   in several festivals and double interpretations prices, including my the Schmürz:
   TGP Meaux.
- 1996/1995 Hunting scene in Bavaria by Martin Sperr/Director Hervé Gaboriau / Troupe
   Jägerspiel / Roles: Rovo and Pastor. Theatre of Montreuil, Gennevilliers (Bernard
   Sobel). Interpretations highlighted by the press.
- 1995 This crazy Platonov by  Chekhov. Theatre Hill / Director Valerie Lombroso.
   Role Platonov.
- 1994 The Seagull by Chekhov / Director Valerie Lombroso / Role Treplev.
  Théâtre de la Colline.
- 1994 Ridiculous Precious by Molière / Commedia Dell'Arte Director Patricia Giroud.
  Arthea Co.Role Marquis Lagrange. TGP Meaux.
- 1994 The Pelican by Strindberg / Director Hervé Gaboriau. Role: Fredrik. Acting
   awards. Festival Theatre of Gennevilliers.
- 1993 Baal by Brecht / Director Pascal Broché / Co Humbert. Role Baal. Théâtre
  de la Madeleine. Troyes.
- 1992 Illusion Comique by Corneeille / Director Félix Humbert / Co Humbert Role :
   Clindor. Théâtre de Champagne Troyes.
- 1991 Condemned of Altona by JP Sartre / End of cycle Conservatory of Dramatic
   Art in Troyes (89/91). Teacher Pascal Broché. First acting award for the role of
   Frantz. And first runner-up in poetry.
- 1990 Brelle a day Brel always. Texts by Jacques Brel / Teacher Pascal Broché.
  Théâtre de la Madeleine Troyes.

TRAINING – Training provided
- Continuous training with John Strasberg from 97 to today. Paris and New York.
- 2009 Median - With Christophe Averlant.
- Sergei Tcherkasski 2008 National Academy of arts & theater. Saint-Petersburg.
- 2005 Philippe Adrien - Theatre Tempest. Paris.
- 2005 Harvey Keitel - Actor's Studio. New York.
- 2004 Maurice Benichou - House Steelworkers. Paris.
- 2004 Robert Bella (Near David Mamet) of the Atlantic Theater Company. Sanford
  Meisner Technique (Actor's Studio). New York.
- 2003 Lionid Keifetz the Moscow GITIS. Théâtre National de Chaillot. Paris.
- 2002 Stella Adler Studio in New York.
- 2001 Serge Poncellet the Théâtre du Soleil. Burlesque (Collaborator Ariane
- 1999 Jack Waltzer. Paris.
- 1999 Jack Garfein. Paris.
- 1995 Improvisation and Clown with Gerard Galego Theatre of the Unexpected and
   Daniel Sorano Theatre de Vincennes.
- Gestural 1994 by the Movement Theatre.
- Commedia Dell'Arte 1993 with Emmanuel Vacca Aria Teatro and Marcel Marceau
- 1992 Training at the International Art Workshop Drama White Sallant and Paul Weaver
- 1989/91 Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Troyes, under the direction of Felix Humbert.
  Professor Pascal Paperback. 1st Actress Award.Opera singing Carole Lipkind Art
  Academy of Chicago / Musical Dominique Noble and Thierry Godefroy (tap) Show &
  CO. Dance Isabelle Marion.

Chairman of the Theatre Gerard Philipe in Meaux 5 years.
- Director and teacher. Bilingual French / Italian
- Also playing in English - Spanish and Portuguese concepts / Sign Language for deaf
- Automobile driving course Henry Pescarolo / Introduction to the waterfall Rémy
  Julienne. / Fight and Fabrice Roux sword fight.
- Singing and breathing techniques Artistic Director Pierre Voltz III Sorbonne
- Sport : Foot / Skiing / Boxing. Various delusions like bungee jumping. Driving license
  Cinema, theater, literature.


"The Martyrdom of Caravaggio" Official Trailer